With over 18 years of diverse hazardous materials compliance and chemical safety experience in process safety and hazardous materials regulatory programs, auditing techniques, CalARP/PSM/RMP for facilities utilizing ammonia as refrigerant, California and federal hazardous waste laws and regulations, facility safety assessments, CalOSHA general industry safety orders, CVI Certified for U.S Dept. of Homeland Security CFATS, training/educator, and a hazardous materials emergency response specialist and a certified CSTI HazMat Instructor.

Each Course...

  • Complies with Laws & Regulations

    Each course is specifically built to comply with respective local, state and/or federal agency industrial refrigeration rules. Compliance rules include those promulgated by CUPAs, CalOSHA, EPA, OSHA, DHS, and Chemical Safety Board.

  • 30 Days Access

    Each course is open for 30 days so you can engage the content over time and apply what you've learned. You may complete the course over this time period, including taking and passing the summary quiz. Or you can finish in one sitting - it's up to you!

  • Instructor Communication

    You may need additional specific information on how rules apply to your facility or industrial refrigeration issue. Each trainee may elect to email the course Instructor to obtain clarification on the material or to ask for answers to specific facility needs. Limited to two (2) questions per trainee.

Course Completion

  • Course Certification

  • Course Manual, including compliance assistance documents

  • Continuing Education Credits and REHS CECHs


  • When will I have access to the course once I pay the registration fee?

    You will have immediate access to the course, including the course manual. You may begin immediately and finish in one sitting or continue the course over a period of time. You may complete the course at your own pace and Course access continues for 30 days from the date of purchase.

  • Is the summary quiz required? How many times can I take the quiz? What score will I need to pass and obtain the course certificate?

    The summary quiz is required to demonstrate competency and apply lessons learned during the course. To successfully complete the course you must obtain a 70% score to pass.

  • If I have any follow up questions, may I email the Instructor?

    Upon successfully completing the course summary quiz, you may contact the Instructor and submit follow up questions via email to Please submit no more than two (2) questions specific to your facility or compliance needs.

  • How do I obtain REHS CECH or CEUs?

    Once you've finished the course and successfully passed the quiz, you can email subject line REHS or CEUs. I'll send you a course evaluation. Once you complete that, then I'll send over a certificate with applicable REHS CECH or CEUs.